Funday Friday

So it begins… I feel like there is a dark cloud following me around again. It is only because I have taken so much on my shoulders once again and am very fearful that the car is going to finally spin off the track. Unemployment ended last week and getting the federal extension is proving to be difficult.
The state unemployment department has a phone number that is constantly busy. Considering we have unemployment that has actually passed Detroit, things in this shit hole city are not going to improve. There are signs everywhere that it is going to die here. It cannot sustain.
The heat is unbearable in summer for the most part. Lake Meade is dropping faster than you could ever imagine. Fires burning out the historical parts of the city. Layoffs by the hundreds.
That’s just some of it. I know there is hardly a place in the country that is surviving this nutty economy and a fucked up government that is retarded from being unable to make things better. Capitalism is a self devouring serpent. The serpents body wriggles and crushes all those around it. I may well be forced to sacrifice a lot just to survive… and I ain’t got a lot to sacrifice.
It’s not like I am a virgin … right.

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