Good Morning Las Vegas

Fuck you.
Fuck you and the donkey you rode in on.
Nevermind… so  woke up this morning  with this as my facebook thing: “…is feeling renewed and blessed… for some reason. Maybe I’m going all Brittney bi-polar goofy nut. It was bound to happen.” I did really wake up feeling really positive and energized this morning.
It really was a good day over all, but through the evening I just kinda started crashing and feeling a little shitzky. Today was a day to get back on track with a few things and finish up some of my other projects. I am also doing a lot of thinking about where I am right now as well as where I need to be in the coming months.
Things have not been working they way they are supposed to be working. I should have a job right now and I shold be working and earning some money. But none of that is coming my way. Today the news reported the unemployment numbers when up another 1/2 percent. Vegas is dying.
I am looking for new directions and new distinations, but not fully wrapped around any ideas. I think about Austin, Reno, and San Francisco a lot. Delaware is a good place, I am told, but I am not sure where the world is calling me to.
Last night was a good night with friends, who are moving soon to Houston. We floated around the pool til eleven at night… my goodness what a day it was. It was so pleasant just being there with people I enjoyed… no attitudes no b.s. and plenty of naked swimming… nice.
Today started off very practical with some house cleaning, fresh sheets for the bed, and some business with a potential new client. Then it was off for errands and I came home a little crashed out. So, my energy was a little wobbly for the rest of the evening. I got frustrated while sewing unlike I usually did, but finally gave in just a few minutes ago.
No, this entry is not saying a lot.
Nope, don;t care. So – fuck you.

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