Radical Faeries?

SFO Raical Faeries
at Burning Man

Well, I have discovered another sub-culture here that has gained my attention and it might be an answer for some part of exploration. The Wolf Creek Radiacal Faery compound is one I heard about before and video from the site peaked my interest. 
Now I found this mailing list I signed up on, so now I get these daily digests of people sharing informationand talking about RF institutions. They seem like a cloister taking in fallen or escaping gays who have spun out of sociarty… sorta like I feel a lot of times. 
I could see myself pulling off the grid and finding something out there as an alternative. Certainly life in Vegas has been less than fulfilling. Certaintainly getting older has been very hard to deal with. It gets harder and harder to find something to hold onto on a daily basis. 
If it were not for my Burner family and my family (mom, step-dad, and step siblings; I wish I knew or was closer to my living relatives) I would probably checked out a while ago. 
Of course, it’s important to understand that at some point less than 2 yers ago I took a look at my life and decided it needed to change. In modern terms we call it a mid-life crisis. Now I feel like the crisis is fading, but it’s time to figure the next step. 
Bottom line… I think I am done in Vegas. The signs are starting to really smack me in the face. What? How? Where? Time will tell. I am still looking for work here and am hoping that I can survive. 
Back to the RF thing… it sounds like something I need to experience. There is an event July 25th to August 2nd up in Medford, Oregon I would love to go to. Mor to come….

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