What’s next?

So, I went on another interview today and I am sure I bombed it – again. He loved my work and then he had me run some kind of test… but it was horrible. I can code the shit out of a page. But he had me setup an html mailer off a photoshop mockup.

  1. on a MAC
  2. not with my reading glasses
  3. using f’ing DreamWeaver
  4. and I never made  mailer before….

No excuses… on the way home when I thought about it… I thought how it would have been better to do it differently than I did. The thing is that the last guy left his open and I could have just copied… but I wanted to just do it on my own.
I managed to tie my own hands behind my own back and shove my foot in my ear all in one shot. Ugh… maybe I need to just stop this shit.
I am a good designer. I am talented. I cannot seem to get this career going. I feel like the universe is mocking me. ugh!

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