I spent part of my evening uploading pictures to my web site here. It was a walk through memory lane that I do not think I was ready for emotionally. To see Adolfo and his family … it’s so hard to think about something like that I lost.
Even to this day I think he and I were soul mates, but we hit too many bad patches in a row. I made a lot of stupid mistakes. I made a lot of foolish decisions, which is something I seem to constantly do.
I miss him still. Maybe this is why I am still single – other than the other series of foolish decisions – is because in my heart there is still something for him.
I thought I was past it all a long time ago. I still think about him here and there.  [long pause here]
You see Adolfo came to my 2nd college graduation last year and while at dinner with my parents and a neighbor, he apparently told said neighbor (Olga) that all I wanted him for was his money. It made me so mad that I I really thought it killed the last ember in my heart for him.
See, when we met I was making  good living and the principle supporter of our household. Over time, he started making almost twice what I made and it all shifted. I was so mad he seemed to forget all about that. I paid for so much in our survival as a couple.
We were foolish with our money. I was always making stupid decisions. But, I tried.

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