Planning again?

It seems that September is a time of the year where I experience a lot of changes in the bad habit that is my life. Right now I am looking ahead, able to anticipate certain things, but gamble on others.
I am so sick of not having a job. I have plenty of things to do. I can make some cash here and there, but it’s pennies compared to where I think I should be in life right now. However, there were a lot of expectations I was having about my success and career that are clearly out of focus and getting further away.
I am a good artist, designer, organizer, coordinator and more. I am a kick ass cook and I care about everything I do. But what does that add up to?
My freaking God, I have 2 degrees from an art school. I walked away from the school improved, but so not worth the money. The Art Institute of Las Vegas is thievery. Not my culinary program though, because there WAS a great chef at the helm back then. Since then I have not seen much of any quality coming out of that school. Considering the President is buying expensive gifts for employees and teachers are either doing coke in the parking lot or banging students…. I mean come on. You are better off going to UNLV or CSN for Gods sake. It’s half the cost or better.
So… on another subject… my art project funding is getting further and further away. I have it posted on and Kickstarter.Com; it is also featured on Burning Man.Com. How am I failing so bad at this. I really really want to bring this project to the playa… bummed if it does not happen.
Troubles have been following me a lot lately and as usual it’s money related. I must be cursed. Must be. Ugh.

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