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So, I started dating someone in the beginning of January. As a matter of fact, I met him officially on my birthday. I was lucky to meet someone not steeped in green (jaded) that seems to permeate Las Vegas.

He came with a lot of issues NOT the least of which is unemployment and a problem with the English language. He comes from Guatemala and came here for reasons I have yet to understand. Our dating has been a struggle and with all these issues over both our heads I finally had to tell him I am not in a space for dating right now.

Makes sense I think. Besides, my heart is not really open for relationships right now. I need friends – real friends – more than anything.

Well, of course the universe was not done with me and he. The meat-heads he was living with tossed him out and he had no place to go, so guess where he has been staying the last couple weeks. For the most part, it’s been hard. His contributions to the household have been cursory at best. More so weighing on my own energy and need to feel motivated.

He is leaving on Monday. He is going to Long Beach with other friends from his homeland.

Although he is a sweet guy, I find myself frustrated with issues that I have very little patience for. Not listening, doing half the work, not paying attention to details. When I get frustrated the reasons are like talking to a stone.

I need more patience. I need more faith in people. Seriously, please pray for me.

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