Hi all.. as usual I am apologizing for not writing much recently. Seems that my outlets have been better served on Facebook or Twitter. Small blocks of text should make the world a lot happier.

My general dissatisfaction with life and disappointment in people has been snowballing more and more. Hating being unemployed. Hating being broke at every turn. Sinking slowly financially with no where to turn. Still not drowning.

Trying to clear out baggage of life. Trying to clear out energy vampires and stone walls surrounding me. Feeling that my feet are 6″ deep in cement.

On the other hand, tried managing groups of people recently and have seen every circumstance fall to pieces. Trying to get Vegas people together is a challenge. It has even been a challenge with my Burner peeps. Ambivalence is the word of the day in this town. Maybe other people are feeling stuck in the sand like me, too?

Okay, so vented a bit and let off a few things in my tiny brain. I vent… I vomit stuff into this blog… nothing should be taken too seriously.

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