The new event I was part of the production team for has been postponed for some important reasons, understandable given the circumstances related to the venue. We hope to have our Decompression event there.

With the warming weather things are really ramping up, getting ready for Burning Man 2010. I see people making huge efforts in their plans and very little support from the community. “Ambivalence” is the key word… or is it financial depression? Could it be people getting tired of too much and too many changes?

Alas, my own anticipation of larger BM related events is quietly tempered because I have experienced it once now and want to make this segment of my journey something else. I want to feel something more about this Burn especially given it is such an important year.

I turned in an application for a Art statement to be placed on the playa. Details will be posted on this site in the next couple of days. I am pending the call for the interview… anxiously waiting!

I also plan on bring other pieces for Center Camp and share in that forum. So excited! …but with temperance. You simply cannot go into Burning Man with expectations.

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