holloween approaches

I have never been such a great fan of Halloween – mainly because the time represents more important things to me. It’s fall – for one. It is also a strong spiritual time. Although many wives tales and the long-standing traditions of other cultures are already representing this, it is when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. That is something to be honored and you will find that voice in your head, that intuition, that nagging feeling a bit stronger and you should well listen.

Anyway, the two parties I was counting on have passed last weekend and if you caught my Facebook status then you know I had my feelings about them. Friday night was the Witches and Wizards Ball; turned out to be a bit of a flop for me and I did not feel the vibe. Apparently I won a door prize that never materialized…

Saturday was the Erotic Ball. That was a lot of fun and pure debauchery. I brought a straight friend – because the party was supposed to be mixed – but the gay factor was way high. He was cool though. Had it been me I would have been screaming to get the hell out… but I have to say he was quit cool about the whole thing.

So next weekend there are some smaller events, but I am definitely open to something mind-blowing. Friday is a group of Burners and the people who run the house are nudists and the might be swingers too… not into the swinging thing but could be fun.

Saturday there are some choices to be made… rave or queer street party. Decisions????

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