Dark Skies 2010

NEWSFLASH: Cameron Grant (regional BM Rep for Nevada) has graciously asked me to sign on to the Board to help set up the Las Vegas regional event in April 2010. The people who are also a part of this will definitely bring some new and exciting energy to the event. The good thing for me is I will have responsibility while there and gives me something to focus on, so no getting f’ed up. I can stay sober and still enjoy things. Yey for me.

I am going to be a big advocate for a center camp where actual art can be displayed and people can congregate. I am also interested in getting Nacie (ButchPirate) involved with her Starfucks and Tea thing there.

Nacie also had a great fundraising idea we put on the table and I am looking forward to what can happen with all that. I am so excited.

Our community is changing here in LV and I hate to see some people phasing themselves out because these changes are too different than what they have know. Some of the people I have grown to look at as “mentors” have taken issue with the shifting sands and pulled back an awful lot.

I want to see Dark Skies rival the event they had in 2007 and want people to WANT to come and WANT to participate. The lifestyle aspects of of the LVBurners are becoming more community focused; thanks to Cameron and other people backing off a little. We have some great blood POURING into this group. I love it… these people have kept me sane in a crazy world.

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