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There is never enough time in a day. When I was unemployed I had plenty of time, but had a problem getting the things done that needed to get completed anyway. So – there literally is never enough time.

I feel like things have been pretty mellow and I have been making the most out of my time off. Enjoyed Halloween for the first time in a decade this year. Made some new friends and feel really good about it.

Work has me nervous. Keep thinking I am not skilled enough to do the job. Everyone else is so far ahead of me and it sucks. However, I seem to be contributing on some levels so all I can do is keep on pushing.

As far as other issues are concerned.. the whole dad thing… perspective is coming back and it is just better he is not in my life. I know he is not the same man he was 25 years ago, but he is. I am a reflection of my parents and rather than focusing on the faults I want to focus on the positives.

The Flying Toaster is still here, too. I have to give it up soon unless I can find a way to refinance. I filled out a form on LendingTree.com last night and will see what happens. sigh…


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