dun With Decom

The Las Vegas Decompression is over and done this last weekend. It took me a while to sit down and make some comments about it. It started off so nicely, a perfect day, with the best sun ever. The guys built a lot of really nice structures with cool lighting and a video show that was totally bitchin.

Friday night it turned bitter cold, but Burners could not be detoured! We just cuddled up with a burn barrel and it was good.

Yet oddly the next day was cooler and slowly the winds picked up and continued until they were over 50mph (or these abouts). Yes, white out conditions and the previously mentioned structures were blown all over.

I was getting so bitchy and I find that on these burner events, screwing with my sleeping patterns, it tends to happen. But – I had an attitude adjustment and was good, ended up staying up til sunrise. It was good. It was very good.

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