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Started trying to get rid of some of the junk I collected over the last decade and all the bad mojo going along with it. Sold some shelves and the sideboard I got from IKEA with Adolfo. So that means there is a lot of other stuff floating around without a place to go.

1. A bunch of technical and old school books need to go somewhere… preferably somewhere I can or someone can benefit from. Me – I’d love to get $ for them but not holding my breath.
2. Chachkis galore, bricabrac and other stuff that was cool when I had a household and a nice – in the box – relationship bu just dead weight to a single guy like me.
3. Tons of old clothes I have not worn in years… either because I am too fat or they are just out of style.

I need to get a lot of spring cleaning done before the end of the week. I need a deadline and I need to get my wheels rolling. I keep procrastinating for everything and as I sit here checking every day to see if my car has been reposessed yet. Yep – still out there. I am officially 3 months behind today on payments and SO HATE to lose that car. It kills me, but we should never hang on to tangible objects so much.

It’s time to clean house.

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