I need a David Bowie song about now.

Yes, this has been some interesting times with the end of Burning Man and catching up financially. I let a lot of things go for that trip and coming back, I knew that there would be this domino effect of changes to follow. How do you go to an event that huge and be touched by so much and not experience changes.

The urge for change is like a big furry beast jumping up and down on my back. The urge to get rid of a lot of the junk I have in my life is also plaguing me. Furniture, junk, files, papers, chachkis galore … ugh.

Since being with Adolfo I managed to collect an insurmountable amount of crap. Some of it is very good crap, but it still needs to go.

The Flying Toaster is leaving me this coming week and going away; going back to Honda. I think that is a good thing because it frees up more than 50% of my average income per month to go to other bills and keep myself from doing a few nice things for myself. I LOVE THAT CAR but I can’t maintain it anymore. The payments are just too high. Really, we should never hold on to anything tangible like that anyway.

Something better is coming my way.

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