Anxiety Sucks

It is so close to the departure for Burning Man and I am really nervous. I am sitting here in a sea of bills and behind on a car payment and feel like I cannot do anything about any of it. I was out walking Tom and started wondering if I was going to have to choose between rent and a car payment. I have been doing well financially, but somewhere along the way I managed to trip. I am still in free fall, imagine that.

Some people might be thinking, well ‘obviously you shouldn’t be going to Burning Man if you can’t afford it’? Newsflash, Burning Man was paid for in January before I was laid off and going there for 10 days will be cheaper than living in my apartment in Las Vegas… but let us not forget:

If you don’t get it and don’t want to get it you never will… so bugger off.

And I stress over things at times more than I should. I lose sleep over dumb stuff. I kvetch my brains out but in the end things usually turn out okay. I am ready to get past this bump in the road.

…… I am a different person now in some ways. I look forward to my spirit walk through the desert. In 3+ weeks when I come back (if I come back) I look forward to making a new turn on my journey. It’s already planned out… cool, huh?

If I come back.

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