Mail on the Playa????

Did you know you can get mail on the playa? Yes, there is mail service out of Gerlach, Nevada. Our camp will have a mail box to be serviced! Ha ha ha…

We need “PLAYA MAIL” Post cards from our family & friends! Please send them to: Toaster@ Sin City Village 7:15 ESPLANADE BURNING MAN FESTIVAL BLACK ROCK CITY, U.S.A. GERLACH, NV 89412 Please post them out no later than the 26th of August. Send as many as you want! ;-] We’ll keep track RT

– someone posted this note on the mailing list

I am Toaster… that is my playa name and I like it a lot. It was given to me by JuneBeaver… yey

This will be my address in 2 weeks.

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