runnin’ on empty

Just a quick note, because I realized I have not said much here lately. It’s been no secret I have been hoping to meet someone to date. I thought that meeting someone through the Burning Man community would have been ideal. It’s a culture I feel is something I really enjoy and feel drawn to.

This last weekend was a challenge, as I went to a regional burning man event called TOAST. There were a lot more gay people there and many of whom were flat-out attractive. My attention was really focused on a couple of the d’j.’s and event got to make out with one of them… nice.

Anyway, I am told that as long as I am looking for someone I will never find him. If only I can get that in my head!!

Anyway, I am going to another regional in a month and then just a few months away from the BIG ONE. God, I hope I can find my peace… s

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