One of my goals this year – along with graduating college – was to lose the weight that I accumulated through the 1st degree and kept through teh second one. I have no excuses and I really want to drop it before Burningman. I have 50#’s to lose and starting Monday… yes Monday… is day #1 of the new evil master plan.

I want to accomplish a lot of milestones, but it is defeating when (in my self assesment) I am such a loser. No job, no income, no clients right now. I know when trying to work for yourself, it is either feast or famon. That is the reality of working with people.

But tomorrow I am starting off with a 21 day detox and cleansing and need a lot of support. I am so proned to eating tons of breads and sweets. I eat more than I think I am conscience of… when I think about it I do some bad things. bad bad bad…

I joined www.50MillionPounds.com and will see if it gets me anywhere.

Sigh… and no the cleanse is not part of that. It’s just a process I think I need to go through to get past the cravings and bad habits. It is said, you can break a bad habit by changing it for 21 days… right?

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