Monday again…

Monday just keeps coming and coming. This Monday I decided to start a new diet and with that launch, it is a fast (sp?). Yes, the lemon cleanse (aka the Beyonce diet) is my challenge until next week. My plan is to go until Wednesday and then a couple days later I am off to Dark Skies.

I am already teetering. I was looking at a stack of tortillas in the fridge and thinking… just a few! ha ha ha. JUST A FEW!!! AHHHHHHHHH

I also feel like I keep trying to open windows and doors to let people in… opening the heart and trying to welcome people… but the more doors and windows I open I think I am losing bits of myself. In yoga you keep your heart open and the universe will fill in the blanks… I feel skipped over in that line.

Sigh… I try too hard.

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  1. Dear lord man. Lemon cleanse? Just friggin’ start eating better and work out more (like real workouts), not just yoga and a little walking. What do you need? To be in the military again?


  2. Oi vay! OK Anonymous… I don’t do JUST yoga. I yoga, stairmaster and speed walk. My workouts are not my problem… my food instake is. I eat when I am bored and lately I am bored a lot. AHHHH!

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