Keep in mind that if you are camping in a group situation, some of these items may be provided by the
camp, so check with camp leaders to ensure that you are not duplicating items unnecessarily

Things specific to SWB:
Master/Dominatirx/Slave costume (if ya wanna)
Elegant bartending costume (if ya wanna)
One case of wine – 6 red and 6 white (mandatory)
One appetizer to serve to the Spankers (mandatory)
iPod if you want to play a set at the bar (dust damage at your own risk)
A little black dress (for the LBD parade)
Weird Underwear for the Weird Underwear Brigade
Extension cords and splitter (if you want to plug anything into the power grid)

Things you should/must bring:
> Your ticket
> Plane ticket (if flying)
> Driver’s License or other ID
> Road map (directions) for traveling to/from the event
> Copy of the “Survival Guide” (on Bman website)
> Reservations at hotel (before and/or after event)
> Money (ice, coffee, etc)
> Water (2 gallons per person, per day)
> A camelback or similar water container, with pockets (and put your name, your camp
name and address inside it) Or you can bring a small, cheap knapsack
> Food & Beverages (you will not eat as much as you think)
> Some way to cook you food (camp stove, pots, pans, etc)
> Cooler for fresh food and drinks
> Fuel for stove
> Cooking and eating utensils (see Separate List)
> Drinking cup for hot or cold liquids (try to put your name on it)
> Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
> Shelter (a good tent, RV, etc – wind/dust storms can reach 75 mph)
Note: If brining a tent, bring the type that allows you to zip-up all screened windows
Note: Replace cheap tent stakes with 12” rebar stakes. And bring tennis balls to cap
off the protruding ends of the rebar stakes. And bring something to hang from the
tent’s guy wires so they are visible at night.
> Warm sleeping bag (night temps can range from 70-40 degrees)
> Air mattress or sleeping pad
> First Aid Kit (See Separate List)
> Heavy duty trash bags with ties
> Dust mask and goggles
> Any needed prescriptions (or medicine you need frequently)
> Prescription glasses, contacts (spares), and cleaner
> Sunglasses
> Flashlight with spare batteries
> Toiletries (See Separate List)
> Toilet paper (in case the port-o-potties run out between servicings)
> Lip balm (with SPF protection
> Moisturizer and vinegar (for foot care)
> Light and warm clothing (though rare, temps can exceed 110 in the day and 40 at night)
> Comfortable shoes (don’t walk barefoot too much… playa can dry/crack feet!)
> Towel
> Common sense, an open mind and a positive attitude

Things that are good to bring but not essential:
> Costumes (the wilder the better… funky hats)
> Body/Face Paint
> Wide brim hat
> Misting bottle
> Work gloves
> Shade structure or tarp (to cover your tent)
> Hammer
> Screw drivers
> Mountain bike with a light
> Bike lock
> Spare bike tube and pump
> Decorations for your bike (and put your name, camp etc on the bike somewhere)
> Rope or cord
> Bungee cords
> Musical instrument (drum, etc)
> Compass
> Pillows
> Lantern (don’t use gas lanterns inside tents… only battery operated)
> Extra Mantles for lantern
> Camp chair (with name on it)
> Camp table
> EL wire, glow sticks, blinky things
> Notebook and pen
> Baby wipes
> Large Zip-Lock baggie for traveling clothes
> Various other sized zip lock baggies for food, dust protection, etc
> Laundry bag
> Camera (disposables are good, if not, bring case for dust protection)
> Matches/Lighter
> Ashtray if you smoke (altoid tins work great)
> Cell phone with charger (no signal on the playa, but for traveling)
> Spare batteries of all types you may need
> Two way radio (walkie talkie)
> Solar Shower Bag
> Hangover medicine (emergen-c)
> Mirror
> Pee Funnel and container (females)
> Rain Poncho
> Long Undies
> Spare set of car keys
> Wisk broom for tent
> Light for inside tent
> Fan for inside tent
> Cheap watch
> Head lamp
> Sewing kit
> Safety pins
> Duct tape
> Extension cords (if your camp has power)
> Fire Extinguisher
> Scissors
> Sharpie permanent marker
> Swiss army knife (with corkscrew, of course!)
> Zip Ties (various sizes)
> Mesh bag to dehydrate food waste
> Books/Magazines
> Games
> Camp decorations
> Giveaway/Barter trinkets
> Booze/Mixers for bars
> Parasol
> Sheet for sleeping on warm nights
> Condoms, lube, toys etc
> Earplugs
> Extra zip-lock baggies
> Portable radio or iPod
> Carpet for tent and area in front of tent (tape carpet edges)
> Soft poi for practicing
> Hula Hoop
> Fire spinning toys (if qualified to use)
> Aloe Gel
> Wash Basin

Personal Cooking Supplies:
> Stove (propane is best)
> Fuel (propane is best)
> Large pot
> Small pot
> Large frying pan
> Small frying pan
> Plates (paper… less dishes to wash)
> Silverware
> Large spoons/fork
> Hard spatula
> Rubber spatulas/scrapers
> Can opener
> Tupperware containers
> Whisk
> Dish soap and scrubbies
> Paper towels
> Drying bag for cookware
> Pantyhose to strain dishwater
> Pot holders
> Long lighter
> Plastic wine glasses
> Dish towels

First Aid Kit:
> Aspirin
> Band aids
> Antiseptic wipes
> Eye drops
> Stomach meds
> Cotton balls
> Peroxide
> Nasal spray
> Cold meds
> Tweezers
> Small knife
> Small flashlight
> Pain killers
> Antibiotics
> Gauze pads
> Medical tape
> Ankle/wrist wrap
> Vitamins – 5HTP
> Nasal Rinse

> Soap (dr. bronners is good)
> Washrag
> Shampoo
> Conditioner
> Moisturizer
> Brush/comb
> Toothbrush and toothpaste
> Deodorant
> Razor and shave cream
> Small mirror
> Nail clipper
> Q tips
> Tissues
> Vaseline
> Waterless hand soap
> Make-up
> Panty liners
> Tampons
> Pamprin
> Hair gel
> Zip lock baggies
> Hair ties
> Single ply toilet paper

Some good foods to bring:
> Canned fruits and veggies
> Dried foods
> Instant soups (cup-o-noodles/miso)
> Beef jerky
> Summer sausage
> Crackers
> Cookies
> Pre-made, canned tuna and crackers
> Canned beer/booze
> Plastic containers of non-alcoholic drinks
> Pickles
> Peanut butter and jelly
> Boil-in-bag dinners
> MREs
> Granola bars
> Rice
> Cooking oils
> Spices
> Pasta and sauce
> Canned chicken/ham spread
> Dry cheeses
> Smoked salmon
> Hard boiled eggs
> Salami
> Condiments
> Ciabatta bread (or other sturdy, long lasting bread)

Things NOT to bring:
> Feather costumes or boas (they cause MOOP)
> Firearms
> Fireworks
> Avoid glass containers
> Nuts in their shells
> Loose glitter
> Too much fresh food/produce
> Styrofoam coolers
> A bad attitude or a closed mind
> Friends, spouses, etc. that are closed minded, whine a lot or are fragile

Recommended reading:
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Survival Guide:
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Travel Info:
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