I am singing the BM song all the time. Yo might think I was obsessed. I might be, ya know? I tell all kinds of people about something I still have not experienced. I’m a newbie. I’m new meat.

So, there seems to be a lot of gay camps. More than what the local burners have for gays from what I can see. Gay and straight local burners seem to want to walk on their own and not necessarily belong to a group.

As I make my journey I met a big group of people married to this Burningman event and I like them a lot. Yet one of the founding ideals of Burningman seems to be a sense of individualism. Yet – there is this congregation that comes together in big and small groups feeding off of some energy – while others chose not to participate in that.

Yes, some of that participation is enhanced… ha ha ha… but I like these people.

SO? What camp are you joining for BM???? Join mine??? Hell I planned on applying for my own camp but there are so many legacy camps I decided to align myself with someone fun that will take me.

No AA groups… nope – sobriety that week is a word I do not want to know how to spell. he he!


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  1. Hey Uriel, thanks for getting this discussion going. I’m Michael and i purchased a ticket on the first day. Since then i’ve been fretting about the practicalities. To answer your questions: Nope, never been to BM before. I have no camp to stay with.
    How about you? are you also BM virgin and what are your camping arrangements?
    Have a great day

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