It was a busy week and with all these allergines in the air I am gettin my ass kicked big time. I am do popping the over-the-counter supplies and probably inflicting brain damage from it. I have been spending much of every day at school getting work don and trying to keep up.

Last week my phone dies on me and my pc died on me. I managed to buy a new cell phone for a serious wad of cashola. MAN was that bad timing. Because now I need a computer too…. ARGH!

Oh, I forgot to mention how my external HD was having problems and I disovered the cord needed to be replaced, buit ended up buying a seconf device anyway. Grr…

Not a lot to say right now except graduation is 2 weeks off and I am keeping my sorry ass busy. Trying to generate some cash, too. Anyway, I’ve been here at school all day. Talk later.

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