catching up

Here I am catching up again. Half a month passes and some things have changed… one of which is the name of this web site. Yes, I changed domain names again and in the next couple of days this will all become Uriel’ instead of… but I will try and get it again.

News notes:

  • I found out that unless I can raise 6K$ I will not be able to return to school and finish my last quarter. I started something on but I am not sure it is working right?
  • Fundable.Com (link to fundable)
  • Christmas Day was nice as I hung with local friends. It was good
  • The dinner party I cooked for had a couple minor problems but they said it was the best menu yet.
    • The Menu Was…

    • Beef Tenderloin on Caramelized Onion with au jus
    • Roasted Duck with a Duck Sauce
    • Potato au Gratin with Fontina Cheese
    • Roasted Acorn Squash Puree
    • Brussel Sprout with Pancetta
    • Green Beans

    • Shrimp wrapped in Capacola and Wonton Skin fried
    • Pork Loin Muse Bouch on Toast with Pickled Onion and Spicey Mustard
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