The Jack Rabbit says tickets are on sale now!!!!!!

Email below:

[BManUpdate] V13:#8:12.12.08‏
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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 13, Issue #8
December 12, 2008

What?! Two JRSs in as many days? Yes! Why? Because we’ve got fresh
info, hot off the presses (ok, well, off the computer anyway), and
this stuff is important enough to warrant its own edition. So there.

Yes, and so today we present to you the hard-won product of
significant toil put in by our lovely ticketing team (they really are
lovely, you should see them), which is to say: Burning Man Ticketing
Information for 2009!

In short, we’ve got ticket pre-sales still going on now until December
28, 2008 or until that allotment runs out. Then, tickets officially
go on sale on Wednesday, January 14. Go ahead and prepare to bust
that piggy bank, dig down behind the cushions of your couch, sell some
bodily fluids, whatever it takes, because this year maybe more than
ever, BOY OH BOY do we *ever* need Burning Man? Sheesh. And how!
And so we serve you up all the latest ticketing info today, and it can
always be found here, too:

Oh oh oh! One more thing … almost forgot. In the last JRS, we put
the phone number for those kids down in Austin doing that New Year’s
Burn, without realizing they didn’t mean for it to be published.
Doh! OK, so do us a favor, and don’t call them, please? Yeah, that
would be cool. Instead, email them at, and check out their very cool website:

Thanks, and we hope your holiday season is going swimmingly.

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