stress level 16.5 out of 10

Stress factor Ultra Fucked
Yes, in the last week there are a lot of foundation elements that exist in my life that are on rocky soil. It started with a download from Mozilla for their browser. The update totally fucked my browser and it appears that it corrupted my Microsoft Money AND my Microsoft Visio.

I reinstalled the Browser, but I had to buy Microsoft Money again because I could not find the original software. I am screwed on Visio. So, after I thought I got it all back in shape turns out I cannot boot this stupid machine in Normal mode. Ugh! It is an old machine.

My job is frustrating me. They let 2 people go and my health benefits have been cut so with the way the economy is going the writing seems to be on the wall. Not sure. But want to feel better about where I am at here. God just get me through the holidays and through to another job if this one vanishes.

Beyond that… so much seems to be going pear shaped. I need to get my ducks in a row and I feel like I am climbing a sandy slope. I felt that way a little before all this stuff… but damn! Seriously… I could just snap at any minute. Ugh!

I sound so dramatic. Considering my anxiety level yesterday I am just dipping my 3 oars in the water. A web site I have been working on for 3 months is going live today. Now, a bunch of these doofs are making changes like you would not believe.


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