11/15/08 The Las Vegas Burners got together in the desert for an awesome party. It was a pretty big one, because there must have been 500 people there. It did include some people from some other groups that joined the show. Hiker group, ravers, and some other one as well.

Apparently is a good source where a lot of these people came from. The yahoo group is good too, but there is also meetup.

I got to Kingman Wash by 3pm and there were few people. Turns out a lot of the people were out on a boat trip. A few boats brought people to the show there. One of these boats was pretty amazing. Soon the crowd began getting larger and before long it was time to chow down for Chilistock. I was a little eager to please in this case. I spent way to much money to make a “Seafood Chili” which technically was a chowder. Hmph!

I had a lot of fun. Not many gay people there, but a few pretenders from what I saw.

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