ChiliStock Camping Trip

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This is the other side of the story. I ended up going on my own because I had no idea what I was walking in to. I was going to the Burningman Chilistock party put on by the Las Vegas Burners. Little did I know until later that this included several other groups as well as a bunch of Ravers (aka Eye Candy).

There was a chili pot luck and I spent too much money trying to over impress. Sucks… I made a seafood chowder that got a luke warm reception. My fault.

Getting passed that… the music started soon with DJ Damien who was supreme! I wore a sarong instead of regular clothes because I wanted to be comfy. Basically naked from the waist down. Covered though!!! It did get cold so I wore a fleece jacket. I was comfy.

Yes I got felt up on the odd occasion and yes I may have flashed a person here and there, but I was cruising nicely! One guy that I somehow bonded with was a straight guy who was drunk off his ass playing on a stripper pole. At one point he caught the edge of his foot in the edge of the burn barrel and cut himself. He was too wacked to know what happen; none the less he was banned from the pole.

Well, because I was watching out for him one of the organizers put me in charge of his ass. He heard the conversation and thank god he respected me enough to be cool. He was into this drunk chick with a nice rack; she was someone who had a handful of my junk at one point. Well – straight guy – and I ended up in several lip locks. But he sent miss-nice-rack to heaven in his tent later that night.

The music lasted all night long. It was amazing. My sleep was less amazing though… ha ha ha ha. But all was well.

Later Sunday I ended up meeting John-John and some other guys for a movie and dinner. Perfecto! I wish I had more friends at the event, but I got to know a lot of people on their terms. Cool!

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