So, my social life is slowly improving and I am slowly making some connections outside of my tight little circle. It’s nice, but this city is so full of sick people it is hard to stay afloat…. or to keep from becoming one of them.

I have not been dating. I can’t even remember the last “date” I was on. I guess that says something unto itself. I stay open to meeting someone cool, but no one is willing to get to know me. last night was an interesting example…

There is this guy whom I have exchanged a couple messages with and he seemed to be cool. We were a non-stop missed connection. Given the way I run my life it is not a mystery why I never have time….

I digress…

So, he goes into this list of personal and extracting questions about me … asking when I hooked up last and this and that and I answered him… well he made all kinds of assumptions right away. Whatever. I told him how turned off I was, but I could see where it was coming from. He was putting his baggage on me because of a recent bad relationship he was in… whatever. I might give him one more chance, but we will see. He won;t last because he already has an agenda.

Fuck your agenda! If you come to me with a hidden agenda then we both lose. I am going to be single as long as I live here dammit… part of me wants someone pretty badly. But I am okay if not.


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