Risotto anyone???

There is a base for making a Risotto that you can take in a variety of directions in order to extract different flavors depending on any additional dished you are serving with it. Risotto can be an entree unto itself.

Get yourself some Arborio Rice; it’s a short grain white rice from Italy.

1 cup rice
1 oz olive oil
2 T butter or margarine
1 handful fresh chopped onion (fine chop)
1 clove shopped garlic clove

4 cups stock (or 1 cup white wine and 3 cups + stock*)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 to 2 cups cheese (Asiago and/or Parmesan usually)

You will have to almost continually stir because this will allow the rice to release it’s starches and help the thickening process. Altogether the process should take about 30 mins.

Start heating a skillet with the oil and butter allowing them to start getting hot. Drop in the onions ,garlic, and rice but do not let it brown. Add liquid in small amount like about ½ cup at a time, not to cool down the pan, but to let the liquid dissipate between each add. At some point the rice will be plump and in a thick liquid. Taste the rice to make sure it is done, if not continue adding liquid in small amounts and stir. Once the rice is cooked, add cheese and stir until it is melted and the risotto will become very creamy and somewhat loose. Serves 2 or 3 easily.

*I like using a vegetable stock, but beef or chicken can be good depending on if you are adding a meat to the dish.

NOTE A Options
• Chopped Lobster: once I cubed up a couple lobster tails and added it at the point of the note. Lobster and Shrimp cooks fast so add it when the rice is mostly cooked.
• Beef or Chicken: I might recommend adding one of these meats after the rice is finished by setting it on top
• Vegetarian: Toasted Pine nuts is a good option, or sliced and sautéed baby bell mushrooms.

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