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This last week was wrought with anxiety. They laid off 2 people at work and my health benefits were taken away; all of this in order for me to keep my job. There is little doubt my head could have been on the chopping block with the cut backs going on. My company has a customer who are recruiters all across the United States and Canada. Recruiters are dealing with a glut of unemployed workers walking in their doors. Which means they don’t really need the software to find elusive candidates if they are walking in.

It’s logical from this side. The software answers a problem for a lot of recruiters, but on the other hand, if their problem is less of a problem then we have an issue. Besides that, a lot of the client base can barely turn their computers on let alone use a spidering tool to find them. ugh…

So, my job is web design and interactive media. I am an internet freak. Lock, stock, and barrel. I also have social networking profiles in so many places… but I am too spread out. ha ha ha…

Here are some links I want to share:
– my new group
– The Vegas Burners for the burning man stuff locally
– My Burningman Journal

Yeah.. as much as I try and build friendships and relationship I might be trying too hard. Uhm… yeah. This is how I deal with my midlife crisis. Order one box of crackers, please!

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