another weekend

On the backside of another weekend, I am feeling very reflective and thoughtful about where I am in life again. Seems like I go through this a lot. I get an eternal message telling me that everything I am doing in life is a waste of time. My work with a web site I have been focused on for almost 3 months – someone pokes holes in the work (either really or perceptually) and now I feel like I am completely wasting my time.

It is very frustrating… every single person I have built a site for has been a pain in the ass on some level. No one knows what the hell they want and they think they know, but they don’t. Sigh, but in the end you just give them what they say they want and keep shaping it til they finally are satisfied.

People fucking suck.

So, I drove out to California Friday night and saw my mom. She and my step-dad are retired and are just making it through day after day. Both seem kinda bored with retirement. I worry about them a lot… and it was my dad’s birthday tool. sigh

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