pardon my frustration

I was thinking today about how flaky so many people have been. Just trying to get people together seems like I am asking someone to donate an organ. But, there are still a few people that I have found a connection with.

John (Mexican John) has been my rock all year with friendship stuff… although he want to be a putz on occasion. Deb has not been accessible with all the stuff she has been up to. Meeting Perry and Alex has been a saving grace… so I can count myself lucky enough; a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush – as they say.

I have noticed I am obsessed with Burning Man 2009 and much less worried about meeting someone to date. Dating is relative… I met a guy and we hang okay but I do not think he looks at me like a boyfriend… which is fine.

Truth is I am too busy and he just just got out of a 11 year relationship. That does not add up together so well. BUT, it is nice we hang pretty well together. He and I have been flirting with each other for 3 years. Both of us were in relationships. I don’t know…

Check out my new blog/diary on Burning Man for 2009!

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