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blah blah blah… this year is finally over. I can say my lack of spirit was unmatched. I would say my lack of attention to Christmas would only be rivaled by Scrooge before the 3 ghosts. Bitter? no. Jaded? Hell Yeah! It has been a season of mixed blessings with my new job working out reasonable well, Tom’s glaucoma is awful, no serious dating, and barely making the bills right now. Ugh!

The good part was I had Christmas dinner with Deb; we had loin steaks and crab legs along with a yam puree I made. It was good and all.

Birthday was spent with buddy Jon ; we hung out a lot this weekend. We also went to go see National Treasure which was pretty good – or just better than I expected.

I redid my business site (link over there —> ) Achtung Media and Design… I have a lot more work to do on it but I’ll get to it soon. The kicker is I made a couple of really cool pieces in the Graphics Section!

Anyway… see you bitches in 2008.

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  1. Interesting to post this especially with the address on a gay.com profile. Thanks for being a real person in this sometimes not so real town.

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