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Christmas was not at 3285 this year and I can say that I am pretty okay with that. It would have been better had I been able to either be with family or have spent time with someone I cared for (other than Tom). But, by the end of Christmas Day, I had Deb over for dinner. She said we were the two misfits who needed to spend the evening together.

Call me Herbie. ha ha ha – if you don’t get the reference then screw you. ha ha

2 nights ago I cooked for a family in Henderson and spent a lot of time preparing, but my centerpiece went to shit and I was mortified. I made a beautiful Terine and the crust cracked and broke down on me absolutely killing me. I rebound, forgot the green beans, ran a wide track but still made a successful dinner. The menu turned out to be:

– Turkey Galantine w/ Gravy
– Beef Tenderloin w/ Red Wine Sauce
– Sauted Yam Cuts
– Cream Leeks
– Potato Au Gratin w/ Marscapone Cheese
– Mac N Cheese for the Kids

I made some appetizers too:

– Shrimp Skewers with Caviar
– Baked Polenta with Bacon and Cheese

All ended up going well and for the first time I had to do the party w/o an assistant. It went fine. Although I wish certain people were available it all turned out okay.

Anyway – so my day yesterday was just cleaning up the apartment and getting the house in order. I also dared to go out and buy groceries… one store open in the area. Damn Christians have a stranglehold on the economy… bastards! ha ha ha

I digress, or better I deviate. Instead of doing practical things with the day I ended up goofing off a bit here and there. I met a guy recently and I am feeling he is not into me… no big deal. I’ll survive. And, I held off calling Adolfo because my feelings are still very raw toward him.

As much as Adolfo has been there for me since we broke up he has also left me behind and I feel unhappy about that. I know every time I broke up with someone I was serious about it took nearly a year to get past it. Maybe I am going through the same thing? Maybe I am fixating on what I don;t have anymore? Maybe it’s a good thing we are not together anymore – I am constantly running through the list in my head on the negatives and positive of an “us”. But, he has been good to me in the bigger picture.

Back to Christmas Day – Deb came over and we had some Tenderloin I had as well as some King Crab legs I picked up. I made a Potato Au Gratin and baked that off, yummy! The food had to be decadent!

She had a migraine and was suffering, but she still came over and left early to lay down. It was sweet of her to come over. I wanted John to come over,too, but he was working all evening.

So, I am trying to get some goals accomplished before school starts. Stay tuned… there is some cool things I am working on. xo

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