Sherwood Remembered

I wrote my family telling them that there is no reason to hold grudges or take sides following the fall-out between the Sherwood-Aldermans and myself (my uncle and cousin). I moved out of their house 95% because I could not find a job up there and felt like I was in a very slippery slope.

Life in Oregon was very different and there were a lot of pluses, but bottom line I was not making any money.

Upon a lot of reflection and seeing where I am now v. where I was then financially and mentally I am better off here for now. I’m working, getting good pay, going to school (which is costing me much less than up there), and live by myself.

In the beginning of August some time I came home from a temp job I was working to hear that either Eddie or Diane had come done from their place complaining about bill money or rent or something; it was something I already talked to Eddie about. Well, my room mate was upset because HE was being asked for money he did not owe. I explained I was under a financial crunch and it was during this conversation that I explained that if I was still not working I was going to have to move out.

I was a little pissed when I talked to Eddie, but the conversation went all sideways. He said I was being abusive to Diane who had complained to him and I was stunned. If I was being mean to her in anyway she should say something to me; this girl has the cajones to speak up (see her letter in September’s diary). Diane admitted complaining about it and eventually she started joking about it a lot.

Well, Eddie started locking himself in his room and would turn his back on me, refusing to address me. This went on through August.

None the less, there was no job and virtually no money coming in. I had a job in Las Vegas to cook for someone and flew to LV; while there I had a job interview at a local software company that left me thinking they were going to offer me a job. So when I went back on Labor Day weekend I announced I was moving out October 1st.

Eddie was still refusing to speak with me and Diane was starting more shit… she was the voice between Eddie and I. Diane jerked me around over a trip to Seattle and told her dad I was being an asshole again… I was through. The problem was… I was in no position to complain nor was I able to tell Diane or Eddie exactly what I thought.

I smiled and was friendly. I owed them bill money and had to get all that situated along with my other obligations to Norm (the room mate) as well as them. So I crunched oout all the bills and found out Eddie has really screwed up the bills he was passing on to me. Each one was a threat to shut them off.

I was all too much so I managed to stay so busy til the end and packed it all up again. It was HELL… I swear to almighty God I was in hell. Moving back after all that was miserable. I left the house at 8:30 in the morning and all were still asleep; which is easy when no one has a job and keeping themselves on earth with meth and anti-depressants.

AM I putting someone else’s dirty laundry out there? Maybe… maybe I am crossing the line with saying all this. The thing is I can;t hold Eddie at fault in anyway, even if he did betray me. He kept telling me “we’re family” over and over and said we would get through it together, but as soon as it got hot I found out how much family I was. 2 months of refusing to speak to me it was time to make a decision. Mondo had the fortune to be 1000 miles away trying to make a living for them.

With Diane’s insane behavior I was always waiting for the shoe to drop or the knife to cut me in the back one more time. Mondo is a sweet, loyal, strong guy with a lot to offer someone and I just don;t understand why he stays in that shit storm up there. But maybe it is a testament to him in keeping his love and loyalty to Diane. That’s a nice thing.

That’s the story… most of it anyway. Read the other entry for more!

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