the day after

You’ll be full of ideas for improving your lifestyle, dear Capricorn, especially as it relates to your family. It is true that over the past few months you have experienced some material hardships. You can breathe easier now because, whether it is for your career or your home, today’s initiatives are likely to bring great rewards. Take advantage of the atmosphere to put together a realistic plan for the future…

I went over to Adolfo’s for dinner yesterday… well, let me clarify. I talked to Adolfo a few days ago about us getting together and though the original plan was to have a group of us go to Carols for dinner. I would cook. Well, I put together an awesome dinner at my place and rolled it over to Adolfo’s where 4 of us (me, Adolfo, Carol, and Tom-the-Dog) went and ate.

– Boneless turkey flattened and rolled willed with freshly chopped herbs.
– Yams in a cinnamon and brown sugar syrup.
– Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.
– Stuffing
– Fresh cranberry – orange sauce (whole berries)

Last night I dashed out to a new local gay bar with John… I have not seen him in six months and it was good to hang. The bar, on the other hand, was decent but the crowd was a little more dodgy than I preferred. It’s in a horrible neighborhood and caters to locals… bad neighborhood+locals=dodgy crowd.

hmmm… xo

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