i need a hug… a bj wouldn’t hurt either. HA!

Feel free to let it all out today, dear Capricorn. It is finally your turn to stand up and say what you feel. Don’t let others push you around into places that you don’t want to be. The key for you is to probe deep with your penetrating mind and share your incredible insights with others. Don’t be surprised if your actions cause a bit of tension, but don’t let this stop you from doing what you feel is right.

You know… I often do not read my horoscopes until the end of the day. And usually I can see all the correlations to the events preceding. Now, you will note an earlier entry today where I talked about Sherwood: the nightmare.

I feel like I may have been harsh in it, but I can’t be certain. It is as if it needed to be said and I did it – devil-may-care as it were. Truth is that there is a lot of feelings about the whole experience I don’t feel.

Well, life moves on. Dating in this city is a nightmare. And if people in other cities complain they have a difficult time meeting people for dating for friendships then they can’t compare to Las Vegas. My luck has been miserable and though I think I find some diamonds I learn very quickly that I am not going to go anywhere romantically with that person.

I am meeting interesting people, but mostly off the internet. See my Contact’s page for a list of the social sites I have been haunting (whoring: whatever!).

The thing is I am still not living life the way I want to. This guy I met named Andrew (an interesting character) keeps telling me just to be honest with “who” I am and … well, I either don’t know who that is or what to be WHO that is. We all live life with masks on and I am not willing to take mine off for many people.

I want to be seen as a masculine gay guy who is active and wants the company of someone special who is similar. I enjoy being near the edge of something that titillates and threatens people. Sex is always good, but I do not want to be with someone who has cock on the brain. You must have a spiritual center who not a head in the clouds…

What is going on with Adolfo? Someone tell me… I have no idea.

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