Fall is Coming

A public gathering of some kind could attract you and your family tonight, dear Capricorn. Perhaps you’ll arrange to meet some friends there. You may feel good just being out with those you love, but you’re likely to be tired by the end of the event. Make sure you fortify yourself with nourishing food during the day. Take care of yourself so that you can have some fun.

A person has to have a liberal concept of what these horoscopes mean. ‘Money is in your future’ could mean I’ll find a nickel on the ground walking around or hit 4-Kings on a poker machine. Either way, its all relative.

The gathering could be my trip to Charlies bar last night where I hung out with Sergio and another nice guy; friend to Serg… but it was great just hanging out. No expectations, no needs, no concerns and was out of the house for a couple hours.

Tonight is the first night back to school for this quarter. Portland Ai was a huge huge mistake. I am a b+ to a student and this asshole gave me a D for a class that I thought I did reasonable well in. It kills me that if a student is doing so badly that he/she is unawares of that the instructor might say something. Basically, he let me walk of a short pier on a foggy night… asshole!!!!! I am so pissed. I got a C in another class… I don’t deserve it because I tried hard, but it was difficult and I can sorta see where the C comes from.

I have not received much feedback on the “Anger Management” entry and I was hoping to see more … like comments on the diary itself. However, a couple people told me what they thought. Curious, huh?

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