Today has been a bummer…

You’ll probably encounter a bit of opposition along with today’s planetary energies, dear Capricorn. Even those who are usually right behind you will seem to be uncooperative. Try not to let this phase you too much. Resolve to follow through with your own instincts and work alone if need be. Once you’ve had a chance to advance your ideas further along on your own, you can present them again tomorrow.

I just read my horoscope and it seems to be on target once more. I am trying hard not to get into a space where I am wallowing in any form of depression… but truth be told things have been going positively. I have had at least one interview a day since I got back (except the weekend) and hope that leads to work as quickly as possible.

I decided I needed to work on AchtungMediaDesign today. I’m faced with a reality where I have a lot of doubts about my abilities right now… I have so much more to learn. On top of all that, I am wondering who is going to hire me? I’m just too old for companies right now and I will have to work on my own and build something.

On top of all that, I have to consider that I am playing too many instruments at one time. Chef? Web Designer? Graphic Artist? Restaurateurs? In a way all these things CAN work together but I have so far to go. Ugh!

Part of me thinks if I quit going to school and studied on my own I could do so much better. I am enjoying school, to a degree, but man is this stressing me out.


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