the world according to Adolfo…

what sucks is when I have to admit Adolfo is right. we talked on the phone today and he pointed out to me saying: “you know we are not together anymore, right?” Yeah, tiger – I know. I miss him and I enjoyed his company a lot as we were together, but the end of our relationship was a decision we seemed to mutually agree on. I know he was unhappy for a variety of reasons and so was I. So, we’re clear…

What sucks is he was right about a lot of things and knows me really well. I am seeing that moving to Portland the way I did was a huge mistake. I thought it out okay, but the landing was… well… it’s like that gymnast that misses the beam and takes it to the crotch.

I need work. I need a job. I need friends. I need a social life. I need to go out for dinner and have a cocktail. It will come together… it must!

BTW: If you’re reading this and are thinking about dating me, close now!

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