on second thought

So, I drove into Portland today to take care of some personal business and in spite of my google maps driving plan I got really lost. I drove through the City Center of Portland. It is so beautiful. The city looks great and I can;t wait to explore it better.

Believe it or not,I was so lost that I found what I was looking for. I ended up on a road that I could not turn around on and after driving on and on I ended up right where I needed to be.

Roads and streets are lined with pine trees and green green stuff everywhere. As opposed to Las Vegas where there are dead things everywhere.

Now, I have been trying to achieve some romance here. It’s been a disaster extreme. I met a guy who I really liked; he was so ideal that it was unreal. He was the definition of what I lust for: 25 years old, skinny, asian and smooth, slight hair, and hot naked! Anyway, he suddenly freaked out on me when we talked about dating after seeing each other for much of 2 weeks and left me cold.

Almost every attractive (what I think is attractive) guy I come across on the net has some kind of hangup or whatever. Event though words like LTR, relationship, and commitment come up on the ads or postings it seems like they really want is an Ambercrombie and Fitch Model with a 2 ft long cock and is on some kind of anti-depression meds. give me a creak…

I’ll get out there more. I’ll meet someone nice, normal, and less baggage. Right?

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