good evening

i am in school again as i write this… between classes. i am trying to do things that improve life here in portland… i.e. get a job or some source of income. so, i am trying to use every resouerce i can… just trying to get something i am not going to hate or be miserable in. my goal is NOT to be that way… so it helps not to apply for those kinds of jobs?

i am in school for a lot of the day. this morning’s class was Typography2 which looks like it’s going to be a smooth class and I’ll enjoy it. the instructir is dull as dishwater but what can I say… can’t complain. no point in it, i’d say.

next i have some digital design class and i am still uncertain what all of that will involve. but, hopefully i can keep up. i have a feeling i will be missing some things from AiLV. i have since discovered i am missing a lot of things that i should have learned there. NOW! keep in mind tis is what i am being told by my advisor but i have seen no real evidence.

my tuesday class is a beginning programming class. the language is python which should provide me the groundwork for learning javascripting next. i’m going to take whatever i can from here.

i am thinking about all of that, too. i am considering the idea of picking up and moving back to las egas within the next year to finish my degree there. see, there are issues going along with that. you need 180 units to graduate from here and 192 units to graduate from there. it’s all about the regions.

oh, i had dinner at the Whole Foods market acrosss the street. I had curried chicken and rice with something called a samosa. the samose was good but the chicken was way bland. way bland.

at this point i am writing just to pass the time because class does not begin until 6. it’s 5:30 according to the clock on this MAC computer… i am just sitting here pretneding i am talking about my favorie subject to Deb over lunch. What’s my favorite subject… oh Deb knows. ME: you silly bitches!

i’ll post more another time when i have less time on my hands… yeah right. look!!! i have been posting amost nightly and no one cares… BWAAAAAAAAAAH! cow!

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