So, I talked to Adolfo on the phone today and it was kinda weird. Other than the fact I woke him up, I can’t help but wonder what he is thinking. I know I missed him a lot. I have wondered about if I missed him, his company or the fact that I just had someone there with me. I have to say, most of the time, that we had a really nice time with each other.

I have been so busy swirling around in my own shit here that I have not given myself much time to think about things. It’s better that way though I have had a couple small melt-downs… not to mention the anxiety attacks… that I may have done the wrong thing by coming here.

My parents have been really worried about me. I am a little pissed though, because when it comes right down to it there is no one that will come to my rescue if I get behind. My budget for the month is way tight and unless I can make some money I am going to be screwed hard… and not in a good way.

Ugh! I am just counting on good thoughts and good luck. xo all!

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