Here I am having spend my first night in my bed here… last night I slept on the floor and Tom seemed nervous the whole night that this was all some horribly bad dream. I swear he looked nervous. But, today he seems much more at east and relaxed. He slept solidly since last night.
This is the old place… above. Tom looks happy, huh? You cannot imagine that I had so much shit that I transported across three states and even in the new place that I am leaving much of it in the boxes.

The road less traveled… what a long ass drive!
Tom was my co pilot. As you can see, there is grave apprehension on his face. We were on a bridge that was way high over some lake below.

This should be Mt Shasta… I could not seem to get the camera right when driving. Mind you! Every hill was a death sentence when I was driving that u-haul piece of shit. The transmission kept slipping and I had to throw it into neutral to keep it from burning itself out. ugh!
This is the view from where I am sitting as I type this. It looks out over a large park with a place for kids to play to the right and to the left is a concert area with live performances starting on 7/11.

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