in Oregon they say…

I am underneath uncle Eddie. Yes, I am in the same house but have the bottom floor. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. I am too tired tonight trying to set this place up to a living situation. I keep having small panic attacks. BUT.. the place I am in is absolutely lovely and has a killer view. The pictures I posted on my mySpace that Eddie sent me from before can’t seem to translate how lovely the view is. The weird thing!!!… is that it stays sunny til like 9pm! WTF??? Even now, as I write this, I can still se an orange horizon. stunning… absolutely stunning. I face due west over a wide open green park and a great big back yard. This place is lovely beyond belief. There is a lot of weird energy here (in Oregon) that I have not turned into yet. Earth to Oregon… Earth to Oregon… save me!
I have not began working on my checkbook yet from the trip… I am so scared. A full tank of gas cost 100.00 and lasted about 250 miles and since I traveled 1000+ miles… well, do the math!
Along the way I took pictures and spent a lot of time walking Tom and checking the straps on the car… It will make sense when you see the pics tomorrow. I still have a lot to do so I can wake up tomorrow and finish setting some things up and try and find some means of employment…. ugh!
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