so, moving day began this week and i am still still – still in las vegas trying to get out of here. by all means i should be able to leave here before lunch tomorrow. i am right now operating on the barest amounts of energy i can manage.

totla drive time is about 20 hours. i am still not quite certain exactly which way i am going into sherwood, but i need to get my ass moving. thoe shortest way possible. you should see Tom-dog because he keeps looking at me as if asking “what the f#@%????” He’s been such a good boy!

tomorrow adolfo is coming to help me out. god… dear god this has been hard. so far this has been the hardest thing… this is literally killing me.

this will be worth it… this will be worth it… this will be worth it… repeat.

sucks.. well, i gave up for the evening. i just took a sleeping pill, will take a shower… and then get an early start in the morning.

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