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So, yesterday was my last day at the Venetian. It was an awesome day, overall, that many people were sincere and sweet about their well wishes. I got a lot of very nice e-mail AND was given a beautiful cake and lunch thanks to Chef Long in the Pastry Shop as well as Chefs Enrigue in the Garde Marge (spelling?).

Wow, that was beautiful, huh? Almost that whole cake was eaten. It was 6″ tall or taller… amazing! I was so touched by the people in the Pastry shop I used to work with. I can go in there any day and exchange hugs with anyone I used to work with.

I wish I could say the same about more than half the people in I.T. at the Venetian. BUT!!! Most seem genuinely happy to see me making a change… or was it that they were just glad to be rid of me. In a couple cases I know that was true! 2 people danced a gig when I left and I’m glad they were happy. I’m happy too! (snicker snarl glare sniff poo!)

I cared a lot of those people. I really liked a lot of the people I worked with and tried hard to be seen as an asset to some key people. I tried too hard and there was a point where I realized that it would never happen and as long as I stayed at the Venetian I was not going to go anywhere. As much as I wanted to advance and really contribute… I found out that there was nothing there for me anymore.

I worked longer with the Venetian than any company before. I learned a lot. A few snakes in the garden will not ruin the good experiences I had… I guess it just taught me not to take people for granted or place faith in the faithless. oh,whatever! ha ha ha ha…

Love you Deb! Shari! and so many others!!!! I kept trying to make a list of the top people I would like to throw a shout-out to but I kept realizing I might forget a key name. argh…

We went out for dinner a couple nights ago and pigged out!!!! Red Lobster… I love love love seafood. It is nice being with him. Being with Adolfo is familiar, warm, and cozy. Things have changed between us and although I recognize it… it’s sometimes hard to come to terms with.

I am wearing my ring again (see past entries about teno rings). I am wearing it because I am coming to terms with the mistakes I have made in my last 3 or 4 or 10 relationships or so. A part of me says… I don;t want a relationship again. Yet… there is this highly dependent part of me that wants to get involved again.

I am worried about the people I have met or come across so far in Oregon. I guess I imagined more laid back attitudes up there and yet… I am finding a lot of type “a” nut jobs so far. Control freaks and obsessive-compulsives! What the hell??? Yet, there have been a few nice people and some nice chicks I met through my roommate posting. What the??? Did I say chicks????

Another long, boring entry. xo All!

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