is anyone listening

I know I have disapointed some people because I have not been as forthright in getting my diary updated. I have had less time. Life has been respectable and though it is tough at times, I seem to be managing better than a lot of other people.

Well, there is a sense of catharsis I also got from writing here hat I have not really experienced in a while as well. Some of my thoughts can’t work in this diary because of the vulnerablity that I have here. This diary is on my personal site; where my resume, art, and other personal things are located.

So, I feel like changes are coming.In the past I have not heeded those feelings and let them pass. Although decisions were based on security, jobs, time of the year…. we stayed to keep earning money.

Yes, I said “we”. I do feel like I could use some time on my own for a while… and FAR from Las Vegas. I try thinking of WHERE I would go… although I think of Seattle I can’t imagine how well I would do there and if I could with Adolfo. He is a good guy and I love him a lot.


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