I have taken this week off from work because this was also the week I was off for school. It was all just time… just time to allow me to get some inner perspective and time for me to think about the future. Life, as it is in this moment, could be a lot better. Although it could be a lot worse, I’ve taken some inventory.

It’s nothing profound to say that I have changed a lot in the last 10 years with “maturity” of mind and body. There is still a part of me that is very impetuous and impulsive. There is still a part of me that is unhinged by the passing years. At least I started preading out my mid-life crisis early on.

I’ve come to realize again that my current job is not a good fit for me at all and some of the poeple there are so destructive that staying much longer would be disaster. I thought about just quitting. I thought I had a good chance at a promotion, but alas I also discovered that I was the only one who really thought so. My manager at work told me that I had the job and played with my feelings on it… he’s a liar and I am just through trusting those people.

This is my 3rd burn from the same manager.

So, as I lament here one more time I also have to prepare myself for a new school quarter starting Monday and a means of fixing my schedule which is still all jacked up. xo

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